Tag Teams em Clímax Heroes Fourze

As mais novas informações do mais aguardado jogo para PSP e Nintendo Wii, Kamen Rider Clímax Heroes Fourze foi finalmente divulgada. Está inclui os nomes dos combos das Tag Teams e seus nomes:

• OOO Tatoba & Birth -> I'll transform!!!
• Birth (Date) and Ixa -> Bounty Hunters
• W and Accel -> This clinches it!
• Kuuga and Decade -> Kuuga's World
• Kuuga and Fourze -> New Hero, New Legend
• New Den-O and Den-O -> Grandfather and grandchild
• Accel and G3-X -> Policeman of justice combi
• Accel and V3 -> Father, mother, little sister
• Decade and Agito-Kiva -> *rider name* no sekai
• Decade and Diend -> Destroy everything, connect everything!)
• Decade and Black RX -> Black RX no sekai
• Decade and Black -> Black no sekai
• Agito and G3-X -> Awaken, that soul
• Femme and Ryuki -> Shinji and Miho
• Nega Den-O and Dark Kabuto -> Fake Heroes
• Raia and Ryuki -> Stop the Rider Battle
• Kiva and Ixa -> Wake Up! Break the chain of destiny
• Ichigo and Nigo -> Double Rider
• Ryuki and Knight -> Those who doesn't fight, won't survive!!
• Den-O and Zeronos -> Travelling through time, here I come!
• Faiz and Kaixa -> Racing Instinct
• Kabuto and Gatack -> Walking the path of heaven, to rule everything!
• Hibiki and Ibuki -> For us, there is hero
• Blade and Garren -> Take the trump card of fate!
• KickHopper and PunchHopper -> Hell Brothers
• Gatack and G3-X -> Hot-blooded Justice
• Black RX and Shadow Moon -> Sun and Moon
• Shadow Moon and Black -> Two Princes
• OOO Sagozo and Gai -> Rhino Combi
• OOO Gatakiriba and Gattack -> Stag Beetle Combi
• OOO Burakawani and Ouja -> Twin Cobra
• Den-O Rod and Kuuga Dragon -> Blue Rod
• Kuuga Pegasus and Zeronos Vega -> Team Bowgun
• W LunaTrigger and Den-O Gun -> Happy Triggers
• Ryuki Survive and Knight Survive -> Raging Fire Swift Wind
• W Fang Joker and Accel Trial -> Rider Twin Maximum

A lista será atualizada quando conseguirmos novos nomes.

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